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Carta di Musica

The Sardinian flatbread has many applications in recipes. You first have to produce it, and it's not that difficult with a little practice.

Just when you think Italy has nothing to offer in the way of the unfamiliar, the Boot sticks out one of its appendages - Sardinia - and all of its glorious, gastronomic quirkiness. 

Sheep's Milk Cheese, Sparkling Wine, Fregola and Couscous, and now Carta Di Musica, the puffy flatbread, cracker-like product from Sardinia that chef's in North America are adopting and transforming in all day parts of their menus.

Go here now to the King Arthur baking blog to learn how to make Carta Di Musica.

You're back. Hands dusted in flour. Your Carta di Musica is cooling on a wire rack. Now let's slice some eggplant and put in some much need sturdiness into your soggy Eggplant Parm.

Pane Frattau.

Mario Batali lays out the classic preparation of this dish, but we like the addition of thinly sliced and layered eggplant over the Carta di Musica - the blog is in Italian, but from the picture you can figure it out.

From the award winning blog Always Hungry - Belacourt's Pane Frattau, a variation on Eggs Benedict with Carta Di Musica and poached eggs.

Need a new starter idea, why not use up some of the seasonal fresh veggies and make a pizza with the Carta di Musica. 

Start and finish it in the salamander for a quick zap, then top with some arugula. The variations are endless and it won't choke your kitchen.

A simple, executable flat bread that can be used in layered dishes, pizza and appetizers. Carta di Musica is music to an inventive chef's ears.


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