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Caprese Meltdown

Purists might scoff. A Caprese Salad with peaches. Yes, it's worth a shot.

Do you cringe when you are asked to make a Caprese salad for a customer?

Or does the sight of yet another Caprese salad drenched in cheap balsamic vinegar turn your food service, lead-lined stomach.

Here's looking at you, Sweetie. 

Chef Robin White gives us a Caprese tweak (we've just learned that Chef White's Blog has suffered a Malware attack and will correct the broken links when the issue is resolved) that's actually worth a try. And since tomatoes, basil and peaches are nearing in season, we figured we'd toss this one out there for you to play around with, maybe special it for lunch. Please do not attempt to drizzle on balsamic for 'color' no matter how many times you have reduced it.

Peach Infused Caprese Salad by Chef Robin White

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