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Kitchen Toys - Thermomix

It weighs, cooks, chops, crushes, emulsifies, whips, mixes, steams, blends, kneads, grinds, simmers, grates and mills. It's a German Panzer tank for your food service kitchen.

Go ahead and watch a little cable television tonight if you get the chance. No, not the Food Network. We encourage you to go off menu, say in the direction of the Science Channel's How It's Made.

Notice how many segments are being done about German products and German engineering? Is it just us, or are all the factories in Germany inhabited by guys in jumpsuits with bad haircuts and floors so spotless that they would be the envy of every School Food Service Director.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has lectured the rest of the Western World on the perils of debt, Anglo-Saxon finance, and the need to commit one's resources to manufacturing. If you happened to catch the program about the magnesium/aluminum chassis on the new BMW, you realize that our competitive ability to manufacture world class products in the U.S. is almost caput.

Then there's the Thermomix. Here's what $1100 will get you:

*Outstanding blending and purées
*Perfect crème for Crème Brulée cooked in 8 - 12 minutes, ready to chill, no bain marie needed
*Hollandaise first time, every time in just 3 - 4 minutes
*Herbs and vegetables chopped in seconds
*Spices ground to powder, quick and easy piri piri, smooth curry pastes, grind coffee beans
*Soups and pasta sauces from preparation to cooking to puréeing, all in one machine
*Fresh fruit sorbets in 2-5 minutes
*Creme Anglaise for your ice creams
*Ganache centres for hand-made chocolates
*Blending up to 2 litres
*Grinds soaked dahl, soaked rice for dhosas
*Parmesan grated in seconds - a favourite of Italian chefs
*Pesto and perfectly emulsified dressings
*Wonderful fresh pasta dough kneaded effortlessly
*Crush ice for cocktails, quick sorbets, drinks
*Madeleines and shortbread
*Mousselines and pâtés
*Zabaglione in 6 minutes, whisked and heated by the TM31

The Brits have gone Ga Ga over the Thermomix. The French and Italians buy them for the home, let alone in commercial kitchens. The Germans keep cranking them out. In the U.S., it's still not  well employed in the professional kitchen but gaining.

Click here for a recipe list of Thermomix Recipes

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