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Tis the Season

The arrival of a new asapragus crop can soften even the most hardened food service pro.

"What's the big deal?", inquires a newly minted, culinary school trained apron. "We can get asparagus year round?"

Point taken. Access to asparagus is a good thing. In the wretches of a catering-job-from-hell, asparagus never fails no matter how badly or botched the rest of the plate is.

It's loyal to a fault.

You take for granted that it will always be there, the inscrutable side to a kitchen calamity. Beyond reproach. Regal.

You forget that it came around only once a year at a reasonable price, a temptress of all things spring dressed in green flowing garb and bathed in melted Velveeta. Growing up, the truly fun part of asparagus was peeing it out. It was the first moment you understood completely - you are what you eat.

Then you got into the business and you saw big, beefy German cooks do kitchen somersaults when the white variety arrived. They picked up bunches and started peeling the plump stalks. You thought, whoa, maybe I better study up on this asparagus. The more you read, researched and practiced on asparagus, you came to revere it the way those German cooks did. And you stopped taking it for granted, even in Spring when it was plentiful.

Chilled asparagus with vinaigrette and eggs mimosa

Steamed asparagus with brown butter sauce

The Great Asparagus Dine Out

Mario Batali's Pancetta-Wrapped Asparagus

White Asparagus Preparation



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