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April 23, 2012

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The tech phobic foodservice industry cannot ignore mobile. QR codes are a way to draw larger brush strokes of your operation's offerings.

Mashable, the leading online resource for B-to-B social and digital content, recent published a quick primer on QR code applications for the restaurant industry.

It is worth a read and can be accessed here. Click here for article.

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You Can't Rely on Word-Of-Mouth Anymore

There's never been more resources at operators fingertips to help them market and promote their business.  Not all  new technologies work for everyone, and in some sense, we are still only as good as the last meal we've served.

However, the Marketing and Promotions Blog tells the stories of real food service professionals and how they market their business. LocalFoodService.com is committed to teaching you how to leverage the internet.  It's not just some marketing jargon.  We live it everyday.

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