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March 08, 2012

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Rhode Island legislators have proposed - and seemed determined to pass - a new increase on restaurant meals from 8% to 10% to plug projected gaps in upcoming school budgets.

It's a butter vs. books debate. Can other States be far behind when most state budgets are deeply in the red and school budgets need to be trimmed?

Like it or not, the foodservice industry is "low hanging fruit" for new taxes. Our industry lacks clout, organization, and the perception  is that a tax on restaurant consumption is an easy get.

The cost to the operator is often the difference between survival and closure. But since it's for "the children", our guess is that it will pass.

There are no restaurant operators on the Forbes Top 20 list of the world's richest men. 


This list is composed exclusively of Oil, Real Estate, Finance, Technology and Raw Materials. Foodservice? Way down the list.

But getting rich is not why we came to this industry, or at least we realized a little while later that there were more direct paths to wealth.



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