HR Issues

September 06, 2011

Written by: Russ Reynolds

If you are reading this then you are either the owner of a restaurant or you are an exceptional employee and deserve an immediate raise. As a restaurant owner you don’t really have a boss other than yourself. Now you might say that your customer is your boss but you’d be wrong. Customers are important – vitally important – but you are still the leader of your enterprise (or at least you should be) and customers will follow where you lead if you lead smartly.

The problem with being your own boss is that sometimes the boss is still an idiot.

If you worked for somebody else and they demanded the following:

-long hard hours with little or no break
-little or no real vacation
-much less pay than you deserve

then you probably wouldn’t work for that person very long. So why do you do that to yourself?

The truth is that if you own your own restaurant then you have the right and the responsibility to build the kind of restaurant and personal life that you probably dreamed of when you first got into business.

What’s also true is that it’s probably not as hard as you think and this is the perfect time of year to make some subtle changes that can have a huge impact on your life (and the lives of your family).

You can increase sales and profits in 2011 while at the same time working far less. More money and more time to do what you love.


The answer is always the same: get your marketing in order. I keep telling you that It’s all about the marketing (someday you’ll believe me). It always has been and always will be. Unless you want to go door to door selling your meals then you need consistent reliable systems that bring new customers into your restaurant, have them spend more money and return more often. You need systems that reliably bring your current customers back more often and earn more of their money when they do.

Marketing is the key to increasing your sales and profits this year. Systems are the key to you taking more time off this year.You deserve it. Your boss is a jerk.


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