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August 15, 2011

Written by: Jennifer Lingenfelter

One of a restaurant owner's first tasks is to hire key personnel for every aspect of his or her business.  In doing this, carefully considering all the regulations and document requires for new employee hires.  You should also make sure to keep all of your current employees paperwork up to date as well.  

The following are required documents that New York State requires:

Form W-4: Federal withholding amounts are determined by information supplied on this form submitted by each employee.

Form IT-2104: New York State withholding amounts are determined by information supplied on this form submitted by each employee.  (This form can be used in lieu of this form if information is the same as the federal)

Form I-9: Employment Eligibility Verification Form
    - This form requires the employee to provide documentation proving that he/she is eligible to work in the United States

NYS New Hire Reporting: You must report newly hired or rehired employees who will be employed in NY within 20 calendar days from the hiring dates.

New York State Department of Labor Guidelines for Written Notice of Rates of Pay and Regular Payday Reporting:  Employers must give employees at the time of hire (before work is permitted) notice of the following:    
    a. The employees rate of pay
    b. The overtime rate of pay
    c. The basis of wage payment (per hour/shift/week)
    d. Allowances the employer intents to claim (tip & meal credits)
    e. The regular payday
    f.  Employer's name and d/b/a
    g.  Physical and mailing address of employer's main office
    h.  Employer's telephone number


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