Flavor & Menu Trends

July 28, 2011

Written by: Vince McConeghy

That Lynard Skynard concert at Artpark really threw me for a loop. 

In Niagara county, Freebird does not refer to the bucolic setting of some local farm standing by to meet our daily protein requirements with sustainably raised wild game. 

Instead, it is a metaphor for our business. As the dog days of summer approach, creative minds of restaurateurs and chefs can get restless with new ideas, mainly out of boredom. Some who study these tendencies in foodservice professionals might say disoriented, or even worse, disturbed.

How about a new restaurant? Let's change the menu?  Let's expand?

Step back. 

Could the seasonal affective disorder that many foodservice professionals suffer from be treated with a dose of staidness. In other words, would a better course of action be to remain true to your original vision of what type of foodservice establishment-despite its current shortcomings-that first launched you into the business.

The foodservice pros who play to the biggest crowds are those who rarely change their offerings or their service. They've penned their Freebird in a language the masses understand, embedded it in their customers food consciousness and deliver it, night after night, with amps turned full up.

I may cringe every time I hear the chorus go up but who I am I to decide. Give them what they want.



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