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August 11, 2010

Written by: LFS.com

Rather than tell you how great Twitter is for keeping up with the food service industry. We'll show you. Just click on a link from a random sampling of news, recipes, pictures, videos, and be instantly connected to the industry.

@ottolenghi Fried aubergine, roasted pepper, olives, basil, lemon zest, garlic: http://yfrog.com/15k90ej

@Rick_BaylessThe parts for choriqueso torta in Xoco, emerging from wood-burning oven; chorizo-cheese, crusty roll, rstd peppers http://moby.to/glqthd

@ottolenghiRoasted potatoes with smoked paprika and cumin, soured cream, fresh corn salsa, coriander: http://yfrog.com/0n5ufvj

@CIACulinarySpecial #Napa Valley weekend with Thomas Keller @Chef_Keller includes private demo at CIA Greystone http://ow.ly/2o8Oo

@ericripertEnjoy the next Perfect Pairings video - Episode 3 - Myth: Any Wine Goes With Cheese http://blog.aveceric.com/

@BryanVoltaggioSpeaking at the local Rotary Club in Frederick. These people start at 7:15am. Btw I'm a chef, hope they realize I just went to bed...

@tomsietsemaInspired by a "trash can," DC chef Robert Wiedmaier mussels his way into Bethesda with a new restaurant. Read on: http://bit.ly/bvazF6

@ericripert"Celebrity chef"? It s really an oxymoron for true Chefs! Nothing is glamour in a real kitchen.It s mentally & physically very challenging.

@cheftramontoI will announce my new venture at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, August 25 at a press conference from The Cabildo in New Orleans’ Jackson Square !

@ZagatBuzzBeer geeks are limbering up their gullets in anticipation of Beer Week 2010. Are you ready? http://zagat.bz/bykPG2

@fandwKiller Tomato Festival: The Cocktails http://ow.ly/2oeug

@LAWeeklyFoodRT @MollieKatzen: 10 Ideas for Summer Corn. http://ow.ly/2o9en

The above is a small snapshot of what the food Twitterverse  looked like at a moment in time. Do you have a plan to become noticed?


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