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November 13, 2009

Written by: Vince McConeghy

I've always wanted to open an Italian restaurant. 

I'll never open an Italian restaurant.

As food service professionals, we carry around our secret desires about business inventoried in our heads, never knowing when we will trip over the wire that prompts us back to the psychotropic maelstrom that launched us in this crazy business to begin with. 

So when I got a glimpse of the menu at Danny Meyer's newest restaurant Maialino, I started to shake.

I've always wanted to open an Italian restaurant. 

I'll never open an Italian restaurant.

Meyer's serving seven dollar slices of mortadella, octopus and potatoes, spelt with turnips, oxtails, prosciutto di san danielle, eleven selections of cheese and but three choices of fish, suckling pig (the restaurant's namesake); all of which are things I've contemplated doing but knew I could never pull off. Not in this town.  Not with my talent level.  Not ever.

So what is your secret fantasy restaurant?  

I'm sure it has prattled around in your brain a thousand times but you were too afraid to even admit it. This is food service therapy.  A couch to rest your head amongst peers and spill the heirloom beans. 

Please begin. 

Tell us how all of this madness started for you.

Comments (1)

Joe Arico
Nov 14, 2009 9:46 PM

My secret fantasy Italian restaurant: #1 Serve prosciutto di Parma, Ohio. #2 When in doubt, add sauce; melt cheese. #3 Pasta portion is 12 ounces. #4 Always say your food is Authentic because no one will ever know the difference #5 Say "Gavadill" instead of Cavatelli. #6 Gabagool. #7, My favorite, "Riggot." No kidding! Travel to Youngstown and point to the word Ricotta and they will say "Riggot." #8 Prazoot. Wait! This isn't my fantasy--It's my nightmare: the average Italian restaurant in Ohio.

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