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May 18, 2010

Written by: Vince McConeghy

The glitz and glamour of Sea Bar's new expansion beckons, like moth to flame. 

Clean walls. A sparkling bar. A new sushi station. Composed lighting. A leather couch in the cocktail zone. 

Outside, the most under appreciated vantage point of downtown shimmers, giving you the Bright Lights, Big City moment without Jay McInerney's doppelganger snarking his way past you to the bar.

Step back into the joint and get the chills all over again. The full arc of Mike Andrezjewski's career in food service hits you right in the face. 

But all of this isn't what has Mike A. excited and perhaps more than a little spooked. For the first time in years he has a stove back in his kitchen - an eight burner Vulcan. He hasn't had a stove in his kitchen since he closed down Tsunami. It's not just him on an island anymore. He's got a crew and they are ready to cook.

So, if per chance you glimpse that stove, see those flames jumping over a saute pan when the kitchen doors swing open, tip your glass to a man who has paid his dues. 

A man who is still paying it forward.

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