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Why Join LocalFoodService.com?

Your time is valuable. LocalFoodService.com provides you with all the information, contacts and links to help you run your operation. We narrow the field, and by doing so, allow you to concentrate on what you do best - food service.

Food Service is uniquely local. When you're slammed that's a good thing, and when you need information to help you make a decision about business, LocalFoodService.com is there to provide you with resources particular to your market.

How To Join LocalFoodService.com?

Click here to register for LocalFoodService.com. Someone from LocalFoodService.com will contact you to verify your information. Membership is free but restricted to food service professionals. It's a true community and we hope you will take advantage and share your expertise and experiences.

Benefits Of Joining LocalFoodService.com?

The Problem:
Local Independent Food Service professionals are increasingly at a disadvantage to compete with growing chains. The larger chains have more purchasing power, access to resources, and information.

For the independent food service professionals, trying to keep track of the latest industry trends, product availability, vendor choices and go-to-market resources has never been detailed or specific to the local market place. The industry publications that do exist are national or regional and like most print resources, become dated quickly and lack local market specificity.

The Solution:
Finally, a resource devoted to the independent operator that provides information, resources, and tools that make it easier to compete more efficiently. Designed with the food service buyer in mind, LocalFoodService.com also offers value to the Manufacturer, Distributor, and Food Broker trading partners whose daily job responsibilities connect them regularly with other food service professionals.

Who We Are:

Food Service Enablers, Inc. is the company behind LocalFoodService.com. We’re a team of people that know food service. Our staff has worked in all aspects of this business, from stocking shelves and serving drinks, to owning restaurants and bringing new products to market.

Most of all, Food Service Enablers, Inc. is a leading software developer to the food service industry and our affinity to the food service industry is genuine and deep.

We are proud to offer this site to the food service professionals who populate the hardest working industry in America. We also celebrate the wonderful creativity and innovation that occurs on a local level in food service throughout our nation.



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